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C Computers offers services ranging from consumer needs to business needs. C Computers services all laptops and desktops, no matter what brand. We have 15+ years of experience dealing with all brands including (but not limited to); Lenovo, Dell, Apple, Asus, Acer, HP, Sony, and many more! We are always looking for a challenge and to make our customers happy.
♦   PC and Mac Repair 
     C Computers does all and any repairs for PC and Apple computers. Screen replacement, keyboard not working, hinges, dead hard drive, water damage, heating issues, power issues, charger port jack broken, and software issues are just some of the repairs we offer. Call us or visit us for any repair inquiry!
♦   Data Recovery
     Has your PCs hard drive or your external hard drive died on you? Not to worry, C Computers has got you covered. C Computers recovers data from external hard drives, laptop hard drives, and desktop hard drives. We recover everything from pictures and videos to documents and files. Accidentally delete a video, picture, document, or any other file? We can recover that for you! What happens if your computer crashes suddenly? We can also recover the data from that as well! No matter what type of drive it is, we do data recovery on all drives. Customers shouldn't have to be stressed about their data being lost as long as C Computers is here! Please call us/ email us or visit us for any question or inquiry!
♦   Hardware/Parts Installation + Software Installation
     Looking for someone to properly install new parts or hardware on your desktop or laptop? C Computers is here for you! We are trained professionals that properly install any new hardware and test it. Computer parts are expensive in this day and age, so you should not have to worry about damaging your new parts when C Computers is around. We install motherboards, CPUs, RAM, GPUs, and much more. We also most parts for sale in the store. Please call us/ email us or visit us for any question or inquiry!
     Software installations and setup should not be stressful to setup. Nowadays some software can be tricky to work, setup, or install. We have experience with the most common softwares including; Quickbooks, Microsoft Office/ Microsoft 365, Adobe, and many more! Please call us/ email us or visit us for any question or inquiry!
♦   Commercial/ Enterprise/ Business IT Support and Maintenance
      C Computers is a managed IT service provider for healthcare, manufacturing, accounting firms, sport clubs, and other industires. Please see our IT Solutions page for more information and check out our Testimonials/ Reviews Page, which shows  some of our multiple happy customers. We cover everything from networking to server maintenance. Please call us/ email us or visit us for any questions or inquiry!
♦   Backup Solutions 
♦   Commercial and Residential Security Camera Sales and Installation


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